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PHM(Producer Hit Maker) FAQ's

Can I install the software on a MAC?
A. Sorry, at this time the software only runs on a Windows PC. Mac version in the works
Q. Are updates included with the purchase?
A. Yes you will receive lifetime updates with any release we create once you register your purchase of the software.
Q. Do you have any rights to the music I create?
A. No you retain all rights to what you create with our software. You own the rights 100%
Q. Can I run the software on more then one machine?
A. We give you two licences to install on two machines. If you need the software on more then two machines you need to buy more licences.
Q. Can I use different Sound Banks when creating my songs?
A. Yes you can use more then one Sound Bank to create music. Use as many Sound Banks as you like.
Q. Can I use the output of the song from the program I create in other DAW's?
A. You can use your Quantized wav file in any software that can use the .wav file format.
Q. How do I get in touch with you if I need help?
A. Drop us an E-Mail at info@rayderocustomsoftware.com  and we will respond within 48 hours.
Q. What are Sound Banks?
A. Sound Banks are files containing 4 bar phrases complete with a full band playing the phrase. These phrases can be arranged to create music from 4 seconds to hours long.
Q. Can I use my creations in my video projects?
A. Yes. You can use what you create any way you like.
Q. Who designed this program?
A. Ray Dero. A software engineer and life long musician with over 50 years experience in both fields.
Q. How do I save a song as I am working on it?
A. You save your song in progress in the SEQUENCE area. When you save a song in this are you are saving all the information that is stored in the Matrix Control Unit.
Q. What is the Matrix Control Unit?
A. It is the area where you arrange your song. Once you complete the arrangement, you will output your final mix to a Wav file.
Q. Can I add vocals to my song?
A. You will need to import your outputted wav file to another program that will allow you to record audio. The you can layer other instruments and voices to your song.
Q. Can I change tempo and Keys of the Sound Packs?
A. No. The Sound Packs are in set keys and tempo's. You can alter the files you create in other software if you have to.
Q. What are the numbers in the Matrix Control Unit used for?
A. They will display what Sound Pack and what Play button was used that you stored in the sequence block area. See the video on our you tube channel.
Q. Do you have a you tube channel?
A. yes we can be found here..  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpasu619eB8ksY0KwY98JA/videos
Q. How do I buy more Sound Packs?
A, Visit our site and sample the Packs we have for sale. When you find the ones you want, go to the top of our web site and you will find the buttons to purchase them.
Q. How many Sound Packs can I use at one time?
A. As many as you like.
Q. Does the software licence expire?
A. Once purchased, never.
Q. Can I exchange sequences I create with my friends?
A. Yes if they have the software.
Q. Can I send my friends the outputted wav file?
A. Yes the final render of your song can be shared, emailed copied, mixed with anyone you choose.
Q. What does Quantize mean?
A. It will make your final song sound in time.
Q. Can I use my wav files with the program?
A. No. We use our files only because of the format they are in.
Q. Is there a copyright infringement if I sell my song created with your software?
A. We take no ownership of the music you create. What you do with it is all yours.
Q. How many measures does the Matrix Control Unit Hold?
A. The MCU hold 128 measures of music (32 sequence measures).
Q  Do I need to create all 128 measures of music for me to create a song?
A. No you can create a song with as little as one Matrix Control Unit sequence measure.
Q. How many times can I store a revision of a song in the Sequencer area in the software?
A. 1000
Q. Is the software also a plug in?
A. No. It is a stand alone piece of software.
Q. Is there any effects in the program?
A. Only a volume slider. There are no effects.
Q. Can I create music without me doing anything?
A. Yes you can. Just hit the Generator Fun Button and the program will create 12 measures (48 musical measures) of sequence data for you. Every time you hit it a new song is created.
Q. I cant seem to over write a measure in the Matrix Control Unit with new information?
A. You need to hit the REPLACE Measure Button first. See the videos on using the software it will help you very much.
Q. Are there tutorials on using the software?
A. Go Here...  Click the link  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpasu619eB8ksY0KwY98JA/videos
Q. Can I hear what the Sound Packs sound like?
A.  From this web site

Q. What are the numbers on the Sound Pack used for?
A. The first 3 digits represent the Sound Pack FileID#. The next 3 numbers are the tempo of the Sound Pack. You have to divide the number by two to get the BPM's of the pack.
Q. Why is it when I click the Quantize/Record Song button I get no output file?
A. Make sure you have created your song in the Matrix Control Unit with no gaps in the sequence numbers. You can not put Play Button data anywhere you want in the MCU.
Q. How do I create a space in my recording if I need one?
A. Insert a blank measure as you create your song in the MCU. When you output the final song you will have the space you need in your composition.
Q. Can you suggest a program I should use to add my instruments and vocals to the song I created with your software?
A. Yes the one we suggest is Audacity which is free and you can get here....https://www.audacityteam.org/download/
Q. I can't seem to replace a measure in the Matrix Control Unit with a new Play Button phrase?
A. After you selected the new phrase from the Play Button, make sure you select the Replace Phrase Button in the transport area at the bottom of the MCU.
Q. I can't overwrite my sequence file for some reason?
A. You need to make a new version of what you are working on then delete the old file you want to overwrite.
Q. Sometimes when I hit the Click Here To Play The Entire Sequence Button I get a little skip in the playback. Is this normal?
A. Yes. All the artifacts you might hear from the MCU will disappear when you finally create your final song file clicking on the Quantize/Record Song Button.
Q. Is there a hard copy or a manual for the software?
A. No. Everything about how to use the software and more can be found here... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpasu619eB8ksY0KwY98JA/videos
Q. How do we contact you?
A. deromusic@gmail.com
Q. Can I alter a song created by the Generator Fun Button?
A. Yes use what it created just as though you created it.
Q. How do I know if there any any updates to the program?
A. You should always check the web site for any breaking news and free give aways.
Q. I have the program running on two seperate machines, Why can't I see my sequence files from each others machine?
A. They are seperate installs. You will only see what you created on the machine you are working on.
Q. I need to get my sequences on my machine at home to the studio I work at where my other computer is. Where are my files.
A. Your root directory C:/vbdj/PHMsequences/    Move the files stored in the two directorys to the machine you want to work on them with. Copy and add the files to the other machines same directory.
Q. Where are my final output files being stored?
A. They will be stored in a directory you created on your system that you set up before running the program. Set up a folder then store your final wav files there.
Q. I need to install the software on more then 2 machines. How can I do That?
A. When you purchase the software you get the program as a gift. What you buy when you buy the software are licenses. You get 2 with each purchase. To add more installs you need to buy more licenses.
Q. Is there a way to start over and erase what I am working on?
A. Yes just hit the Clear/Start Over Button,
Q, How do I buy and install new Sound Packs?
A. See our You Tube channel for everything you need to know. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpasu619eB8ksY0KwY98JA/videos
Q. Can I adjust the tempo and volume of my final rendered file?
A. Not from our software but, you can Download the FREE Audacity software here https://www.audacityteam.org/download/  then import your file and do what ever you like.