Prices For Files. The '.wav' will be omitted from the price listing it is assumed.

All Prices are in US Dollars

Prices are per files. Files vary in length and quaility. The quiality of the recording is how it was intended to be recorded.

Structure of file ID = Content Id# - Sale price of file in US Dollars

File ID - Price    (Use this format to order (sales tax included if applicable)

1-450.00 2-675.00 3-2500.00 4-950.00  5-1800.00  10-800.00

11-310.00  13-900.00  14-2450.00  15-800.00  16-350.00  17-850.00  18-650.00  19-725.00

20-400.00  22-675.00  23-100.00  24-385.00  25-120.00  26-1475.00  27-850.00  28-1275.00

29-575.00  31-1700.00  32-325.00  33-175.00  34-200.00  35-200.00  36-700.00  37-225.00

38-300.00  39-400.00  41-175.00  42-1600.00  43-355.00  44-10.00  45-125.00  46-100.00

47-1600.00  48-600.00  49-230.00  50-2000.00  51-1600.00  52-1300.00  53-475.00  54-1100.00

Stems - Samples All Sizes - (c)DeroMusic LLC

DeroMusic Inc

All Stems can be used in any arrangement of your work royalty free. Use all or a slice of the material. Time stretching may need to be 

adjusted on some stems. Prices vary from $1.00 to $4,450.00 (being the price for all stems on this page) depending on the stem and content it contains. For pricing send an e-mail 

to with the stem ID number (which is the number to the left of the file name : eg: 1.wav).

Thank you and we hope you find a good use for the stem(s). Stems will be shipped via download to the email address you supply. Purchases can be made though our online payment method. All credit cards are acceptable.

You can purchase the entire collection for $4,450.00

These stems are as is. They are 2 channel stereo tracks. Individual tracks are not available. All tracks produced,written,played and recorded by Dero. All Copyrights reserved. Member of BMI

These files and content can only be used by the person who holds a license from DeroMusic LLC (which the purchaser will receive upon complete payment). The samples can only be used by the purchaser for his/her work only and may not re-distributed (for payment) or be sold in any form as the purchased track. The files and samples created from them can be used royalty free to the licensee in any work he or she may seem fit both commercially or for their private use.

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