DeroMusic Inc

​​​Dero has been playing an instrument since 1958. His first guitar was won at a school Mothers Bunco party. Where Mom's would get a break from the household for a night and meet at the local school (where their children attended) and play bingo and games all night passing the time. To his surprise, on awaking one Saturday morning his Mom had told him come look at what she won. When he saw the box which was bigger than him at the time, he ran to open it. His parents and sister watched at his delight. After opening the box he pulled out a pink plastic guitar. You had to wind it to hear any sound. On the neck there was a device attached to the front of the guitar neck, when you pressed the buttons that were on the box, different chords would be played on the instrument. This was the beginning of the end for him. His fascination with sound and instruments began at that point. 

All through his early days learning and playing blues and pop music, he struggled with just playing one instrument. His parents seeing his appetite for music, sent him to the local music school. There at age 7 he started learning guitar. Then at 9 he wanted to play drums so his parents bought him drums. After drums he moved to learn Bass guitar, then piano, then sitar then trumpet, then,,,,well you get it.  By 15 he was playing several instruments and was recording his own compositions.

Playing with all the local bands but not getting serious with any, he became more and more drawn to composing his own music. He started buying recording equipment early on and was doing multi-track recordings way before many other people got the knack of it. 

Electronics also became a big part of his writing in the 70's. As computers became more available to the public he got consumed with the notion that with computers and synthesizers, he could create bigger sounds and bigger compositions. So he did.    Winning all kinds of awards from his peers as he was in the front of house and trance long before those terms were even used.

Creating a web site with his music was done as soon as the web was available. He posted his tracks on bulletin boards prior to the web and has been selling his work since then. Now he concentrates on all sorts of musical styles. His creative styles through the years has taken him from African rhythms to Choirs with bells. His catalog is for the public to enjoy and he has many tracks available for lease through BMI or directly from him at this site. 

To go on about Dero could take some time. He is a type of person that doesn't like the focus on him,rather the focus should be about what he writes. His work is for sale and can be used for a variety of projects you may be working on. We hope you find something in his library that will finish up that spot you need. 

Dero lives in NYC and resides with his 2 cats and his computers and keyboards, and a whole bunch of other instruments.  He still plays everything on every track you hear. He also records,edits and masters all the tracks you hear. He only uses outside voices to complete some work of his when he doesn't feel like singing himself.

We hope he continues to create his styles of music for years to come. I am sure you heard his work somewhere in your life without even knowing it was his piece. 

Thank you Dero for letting us write this small but so empty piece on you.

Frank Demarco

Sundried Times LA

April 2009